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Selection Quantity Per Kit Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents Contents Part Number
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Gears 3 Moulded Plastic - Mo...3 small 6mm wide pla...1 x 10 tooth 1 x 20 tooth 1 x 40 tooth Suits 3mm Axles AST-GEA-M1-00034
Grease Nipples 110 Metric Grease Nipples Straight M6x1 (60), ...45 Degrees M6x1 (5),...90 Degrees M6x1 (5),... AST-GRE-M-B-01105
Machine Keys 60 Imperial Range 4 each 1/8x1/8x3/4 a...5 each 3/16x3/16x3/4...5 each 1/4x1/4x3/4, ...5 each 5/16x5/16x1.1...5 each 3/8x3/8x1.1/4...5 of 1/2x1/2x1.1/2 AST-KEY-I-MAC-006011
Machine Keys 60 Metric Range 4 each of 3x3x19, 3x3x25 5 each of 5x5x19, 5x...5 each of 6x6x19, 6x...5 each of 8x8x32, 8x8x38 5 each of 10x10x32, 10x10x38 2 pieces of 13x13x38 AST-KEY-M-MAC-00607
R-Clips / Hitch Pins 150 Selection of R Clips 4x75mm (8) 2.7x40mm (25) 2x50mm (30) 3.5x45mm (20) 2x40mm (25) 2.4x30mm (42) AST-RCL-I-C-015015
Screws, Nuts and Washers 346 Imperial Nuts, Bolts...Self Tappers 6Gx1/2 ...Wood Screws 4Gx1/2 (...Flat Washers 10G (59...Machine Screws 10Gx3...Nuts 10G (49) and 1/4 (11) AST-SCR-I-COM-03462
Shim 4 Brass 0.025 x 78 x 152mm 0.051 x 78 x 152mm 0.076 x 78 x 152mm 0.127 x 101 x 101mm AST-SHI-BR-000420
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